Volcanic mud

Discover the volcanic mud and spa experience.

ATV and Volcanic Mud: A Unique Journey for Your Explorer Spirit

Embark on an extraordinary journey into the heart of nature with Original ATV, where riding all-terrain vehicles transcends the ordinary joyride—it’s an adventure that submerges you in the very essence of the natural world. Amidst the must-see stops on this excursion, there’s a spot that demands your attention: a walking trail leading to a place where the term “unique” falls short. Here, volcanic clay becomes your ally, and the experience of crafting your rejuvenating mask becomes almost obligatory.

This special corner provides an opportunity to connect with the Arenal Volcano in a completely unique way. Volcanic clay becomes your accomplice, offering benefits that not only transform your skin but also redefine your experience with Original ATV.

Perks of the Volcanic Mud Mask:

Hydrating Properties: Volcanic clay, with its exceptional hydrating prowess, absorbs and retains moisture in your skin. Say goodbye to dry faces!

Firming Properties: Wrinkles? We don’t know her! Volcanic mud promotes elastin production, leaving your skin looking firm and toned, as if time had hit pause.

Astringent Properties: If your skin tends to be a bit unruly, the volcanic clay mask reduces the buildup of oil and other residues, taking on acne like a champ.

Exfoliating Properties: Boasting exfoliating properties that stimulate blood circulation, the mask removes dead cells and dirt, resulting in purified and renewed skin that will have you radiating your own glow.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties: If you’re part of the “bags and dark circles, take a hike” team, the anti-inflammatory properties of volcanic mud will win you over. It relaxes and soothes the skin, providing much-needed relief for your face.

Your adventure begins right now. Are you ready to book your ATV tour with us?

Dare to live this unique experience that will awaken all your senses. We’re prepared to welcome you with open arms so you can discover natural beauty like never before!