8:00 am – ATV Single (one person-full tour)


Imagine an ATV ride right next to the Arenal Volcano, where you can find the history of the volcano, crazy trails, and lots of excitement!
This is a 2-hour adrenaline-filled tour of the amazing Arenal Volcano from a different perspective and an experience you will never forget.

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The tour begins with a brief explanation on a practice circuit where you can train how to drive safely on our brand-new ATVs.
Once you’re ready, you’ll start on open planes to warm up for the trip. Our 100% off-road and muddy trails are made to create adventures while you enjoy the incredible panoramic views and will create an extraordinary experience for you.

On the tour you will find the old impact craters of the last eruption in 1968 of Arenal Volcano, you will also discover a river with volcanic mud, right there our guide will explain to you the benefits of this natural exfoliant, then we will pass by a small viewpoint to see the beautiful Lake Arenal, also on the farm we have traditional crops from the area, here you will receive a short explanation about the agriculture of La Fortuna.

The minimum age for the driver should be 14 years, we perform a practical circuit in which we evaluate if the teen is able to drive the own ATV.


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